Saw Bruno Mars last night for the 3rd time….best time.  There is nothing that man can’t do, everything about him is amazingly talented I honestly don’t know how to describe it cause every adjective is an understatement! 


I need a part time job that pays $20,000 per week.

'Felina' was everything I had hoped for and more to end the amazing 5 seasons on Breaking Bad.  I find it so rare that I am actually happy with the way a show ends, usually my favourite gets killed off or whatever…and even though there was a few deaths in this finale (don't want to spoil it for anyone) one particular death did make me cry, but it needed to happen, otherwise it would have been too much of a happy ending.  It happened on his own terms and I liked that.  But honestly, everything about this whole entire show from the writing, to the acting, to the directing and cinematography is just PERFECT.  I can't and don't want to fault anything to do with it.  I actually am genuinely upset that there is no more to come, cause this really has been one of the most enjoyable/emotional attachments to a TV series ever, but all I have to say now is THANK YOU VINCE GILLIGAN YOU GOD. 

seriously looks like Kanye is trying to make Kim look like a cheap version of Beyonce…..not gonna happen 

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